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What’s so special about Del Cielo Brewing Co.?

DCB uses the freshest ingredients sourced locally for those that value local businesses and handcrafted beer. We also look forward to the day we can be involved with local businesses and the community by sponsoring activities and events at our brewery!


The words “Del Cielo” mean from heaven in Spanish, which reflects our inspiration and the high quality standards used in our brewing process and ingredients. One of the key objectives for Del Cielo is the constant creation of new beers based on trends, seasons, feedback from our customers and of course to have a lot of fun.

Luis Castro at Del Cielo Brewing Co.

Being a creative brewery recognized as one of the best craft beer experiences in the East Bay Area because of our unique beer offering, fun environment and close ties with the community.
Constantly innovate with new recipes and maintain high product quality standards allowing us to gain brand recognition, continual sales and customer growth. Establish a local following of craft beer enthusiasts, educate craft beer rookies and commercial beer drinkers on the work of craft beer.
Provide a unique and creative craft beer experience in the East Bay, inspired by our Latin American background using fresh local seasonal ingredients. The brewery will provide a fun and family friendly environment with strong ties with the community through a variety of activities year round.
DCB will be recognized as one of the best craft beer experiences in the East Bay Area attracting craft beer enthusiasts by the creative beer offering and the commitment to support and connect the community. All of these efforts will be reflected in continual sales growth and brand recognition.

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