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New Beers:

Mo Almighty | NE Double IPA | 8.5%
It’s juicy, it’s hazy, and it’s a double IPA. Tropical fruit aromas with notes of fresh pine accompany this ale double dry hopped with Mosaic. The medium body satisfies the mouth as you start with a delightfully juicy sip that finishes with a pleasant dankness. Mo Almighty is sure to live up to its name as the myriad flavors and aromas from the Mosaic hops shine through in each pint.

Morena Mia | Amber Mexican Lager | 5%
We started with one of our best sellers, Órale, and added a bigger malt backbone. This amber Mexican lager is smooth throughout and will definitely go down easy. The slightly earthy nose with caramel notes are balanced by a light roastyness as well as a sweet finish from the flaked corn and yeast profile. One sip and you’ll be drifting away with this dark beauty.

Three Whaze | Sour IPA | 6.8%
This delicious IPA is loaded with Citra and Idaho 7 hops, flavored with some passionfruit and boysenberry puree, and soured with lactobacillus to create a hazy, fruited, sour IPA that hits all the right chords. Tropical and stone fruit aromas set up the sour flavors that then give way to the citrus, tropical, and slightly floral hops with a boysenberry finish.


Lighter Beers:

Always Summer | American Wheat Ale | 5.5%
Always Summer is a classic American Wheat Ale with a citrus aroma and a hint of spice. It has a medium body, a creamy mouthfeel, and a floral background. This Wheat Ale is perfectly balanced between malt and hops. It has a dry finish followed by a lingering grainy, wheat flavor. With only 20 IBUs, this is one of our less hoppy beers. The experience of this beer will have you wishing it was always summer.

Coffee State | Golden Coffee Stout | 5.5%
This is a fun brew for the beer and coffee lovers. We used Maris Otter as our base malt providing a rich and slightly nutty flavor that blends well with the 40 pounds of fresh coffee from Rooted Coffee. Combined with the added milk sugars, the result is a unique and delicious beer!

Coqueta | Blonde Ale | 5%
Coqueta is a classic American Blonde Ale with an earthy aroma and flavor. It has a nice golden color and a medium-light body with floral notes and a slightly sweet finish. We balance the 18.5 IBUs with a touch of roasted flavor from Crystal malt. Fun fact: Coqueta means “flirty girl” in Spanish. Just like una coqueta, this delightfully creamy cerveza will keep you coming back for more! It is very easy to drink and even easier to enjoy!

Guava Dreams | Kettle Sour with Guava | 4.5%
Amazing balanced kettle sour with the right tartness to provide an enjoyable experience. We decided to add pink guava puree (over 300lbs to be exact) to bring the tropical sensation to this beer. Great beer to have more than one…Guava Dreams!

Órale | Mexican Lager | 5%
This traditional Mexican style beer celebrates Hispanic heritage with its light body and crisp finish. We used Sterling hops for a soft bitterness that brings an aroma of herbs and spice. With only 9.4 IBUs, this refreshing beer is perfect for everyone to enjoy on all of those hot summer days.


Hoppy Beers:

Brut Tang Clan | Brut IPA | 7.0%
Delicious IPA with a light body and with more carbonation than any other IPA. This new IPA style is super easy drinking, with only 15 IBUs, we loaded it with a blend of Amarillo, Simcoe and Idaho 7 hops providing a delicious floral and citrus notes, with a dry finish.

Hazy & Lost | NE IPA | 6.8%
With almost 25 IBUs, we loaded it with some of our favorite hops: Citra and Mosaic. The piney aroma is followed by floral and citrus notes with a lingering smooth finish. It is packed with hops for all the hop-heads out there who can’t get enough!

Hop Delight | IPA | 6.5%
We call this classic American IPA Hop Delight because the hop bitterness is masterfully balanced by the hop flavor! This delicious copper-colored beer has a delightfully hoppy aroma of passion fruit, lemon, pine and floral. It has a light-medium body with citrus flavor and a strong floral background. The lingering bitterness at the finish is nearly unnoticeable with all of the flavor packed into every sip.

Hoptinez | IPA | 7.2%
Hoptinez is a classic American IPA with a great copper color. It has a tropical fruit aroma and a strong stone fruit flavor from Citra and El Dorado hops. The profile is clean and crisp with a pleasantly bitter finish. Hop on over to our Martinez taproom to try this one! It’s been getting pretty hoppy over here!

Mental Haze | Hazy Pale Ale | 5.5%
We brought the juicy NE IPA style to this Pale Ale. Mental Haze has a citrusy, tropical fruit flavor from late additions of Azaaca and Citra. This beer is straw in color with a light body, low bitterness, and a juicy finish…everything necessary to quench one’s thirst on a hot summer day!


Darker Beers:

Monkey Balls | Oatmeal Stout | 5.8%
Perfect Oatmeal Stout for the weather! We decided to brew this Oatmeal Stout with our favorite cereal “Choco Chimps”. Smooth and rich body with a chocolate and roasted malt character…delicious!

Red Mistake | American Brown Ale | 5.5%
Red Mistake is an American Brown Ale with a sweet-malty aroma from CaraRed malt. The medium-light body has an intriguing sharpness from Roasted Barley. The caramel notes are complemented by the bitterness of the hops, which contribute 27 IBUs to this beautifully brown beer. We call it Red Mistake, but don’t be misled by the name! There are no mistakes in this flavorful American Brown Ale.


Rotating Taps

925 | Session IPA | 4.2%
We call this beer 925, because it’s so light and easy to drink that you can drink it from 9AM to 5PM. It is also our way of paying homage to the East Bay we love so much because we also love this beer so much! It is packed with a floral, earthy aroma. The malt profile and low alcohol match perfectly with the Citra and Mosaic hops. The mild bitterness and crisp finish will keep you sipping on this beer. Enjoy your beer session with pride in the 925!

El Paseo | Double IPA |8.5%
El Paseo has a sweet, alcohol aroma. This DIPA starts with a little kick of spice from Chinook hops. The resinous flavor contains caramel undertones and fruity notes. It has a light-medium body with mild bitterness and a dry, citrusy finish. El Paseo is a tribute to our homebrewing roots, named after the location where Del Cielo Brewing grew into fruition.

Heavenly Nutty | Peanut Butter Stout | 7%
We added peanut butter to our Foreign Extra Stout, Smooth Ride, to create this tastey Peanut Butter Stout. The sweetness of the peanut butter and caramel undertones  is finely balanced with the roasted flavor and the bitterness. This beer is Heavenly Nutty for all the peanut butter fans out there!

IP Easy | Hoppy Lager | 6%
IP Easy is a delicious IPL with a delicate and inviting tangerine aroma from Mandarina Bavaria hops. It has a light body with a thirst-quenching crispness. We used German Lager yeast for a dry profile that balances the Pilsen malt and the hop flavor. We call this IPA/Lager hybrid IP Easy because the bitterness of a traditional IPA is mellowed by the Lager characteristics, which makes it a more approachable drink for people who do not tend to lean toward IPAs.

Marina Vista | American IPA | 6.8%
Classic American IPA, very crisp, clean and with cooper color. We are using Chinook and Ekuanot hops that provide aromas of orange peel, pine and fresh peppers.

MiCosi | Hazy Pale Ale | 5.5%
MiCosi, meaning “my little thing,” is packed with a piney and pleasant, floral aroma. The light and crisp body is loaded with tropical fruit flavors, such as mango and melon, from late additions of El Dorado and Mosaic. It’s the perfect little thing to beat the summer heat!

Night Riders | Black IPA | 6.8%
Night Riders has a chocolate aroma with a strong roast flavor. There is a burst of bitterness, typical of IPAs, followed by a chocolate finish. It contains oatey notes with earthy undertones. This dark brown beer has  an easy-to-drink, light body. If you like hops and you like chocolate, this is the ideal IPA for you.

Off The Rails! | IPA | 6.8%
Delicious super citrus/lime extravaganza beer with medium body and low bitterness (approx. 25 IBUs). Dry hopped with generous amounts of Loral and Amarillo hops providing multi-level floral and herbal notes followed by a backdrop of citrus.

Orange You Delicious | NE IPA | 7%
Our NE IPA is loaded with citrus aroma and flavor and it’s super delicious, so we thought we would call it Orange You Delicious! Generous amounts of flaked barley, oats, and wheat provide a nice, full mouthfeel. We added late additions of Amarillo, Simcoe, and Summit hops to make this beer juicy. We can’t get enough of this delicious beer and we think you will feel the same!

Run Beaver Run | Hazy IPA | 6.8%
Run Beaver Run is a full-flavored Hazy IPA. It has a pungent tropical fruit aroma and flavor. This Hazy IPA is less piney than Hazy and Loss and contains delicious notes of apricot, orange, and papaya coming from Idaho 7 hops. We named this beer after one of the local running clubs here in Martinez, but the name is fitting because it keeps people running back for more with only 30 IBUs, a creamy mouthfeel, and a smooth finish.

Smooth Ride | Foreign Extra Stout | 7%
This Foreign Extra Stout has a medium-full body with a prominent roast and chocolate flavor. With 61 IBUs, there is a noticeable bitterness that is balanced by caramel undertones, a creamy mouthfeel, and a sweet finish. Perfect for stout lovers!

Sneaky Slinky | IPA | 7%
This delectable, piney citrus bomb has a candy-like sweetness with floral undertones, light body and low bitterness. It is dangerously easy to drink. We named this one Sneaky Slinky because the alcohol content in this beer is completely masked by its mouthwatering flavor! Enjoy with caution. You have been warned.

You Got Me At Coconut | Coconut Black IPA | 6.8%
We added coconut to Night Riders, our Black IPA, to create this cup of deliciousness. The aroma of roasted coconut is followed by a quintessential balance of flavor between the coconut and the malt profile. The bitterness from the hops contributes a nice depth to every sip and the light body makes it easy to keep sipping. The name speaks for itself for all those coconut lovers out there!


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