You probably ask yourself how new recipes or experimentations are born? Well, some are by seasonal inspiration or research and others happens while you are drinking with your friends and one of them said “What about…?” And that’s how this new recipe was born!

We wanted to create a very drinkable Coconut black IPA with a bitterness around the 60 IBUs*, medium body and some malt flavor. For specialty malts we decided to use some Chocolate pale malt, Carafa II and a little of Flaked Oats to create that smooth mouth feel. Our target original gravity was 1.068.

We were lucky to get some Styrian Cardinal and Styrian Wolf leaf hops from our friends at Alpine Hops.

The Styrian Cardinal hops have 12% Alpha Acids with a pineapple and passion fruit aroma and some citrusy similar to orange, lime and lemon grass.

The Styrian Wolf hops have 14.5% Alpha Acids with a fruity aroma similar to passion fruit, mango and pineapple. Citrusy is similar to lemon, lime and lemon grass.

Finally after primary fermentation we decided to add fresh baked coconut and more hops, finishing with a final gravity of 1.013 for an approximate 7.2% ABV.

After conditioning for 3 days the results were excellent, we were able to get a perfect medium body, a clean bitterness, and little chocolate aroma with an amazing coconut flavor.

This is definitively a beer we have to brew again.

*IBUs: International Bitterness Units, considered a gauge for beer bitterness.